Our lab is currently formed by 13 members from 5 different countries with collaboration and exchange of ideas as our way to undestand the scientific endevour.

Clockwise from back left: María Crespo, Cristina Casanueva, Leticia Herrera-Melle, Ayelén Santamans, Luis Leiva, Irene Rubio, Rafael Romero, Aránzau Pintor, Lea Doré, Guadalupe Sabio, Elena Rodríguez, Ivana Nikolic, Magdalena Leiva.
Guadalupe Sabio
Guadalupe Sabio – Principal investigator

Almudena Fernández – Personal assistant
+34 914 531 200 ext. 2204

Postdoctoral researchers:

  • Ivana Nikolić
  • Magdalena Leiva
  • Cintia Folgueira

PhD students:

  • María Crespo
  • Rafael Romero
  • Ayelén Santamans
  • Beatriz Cicuéndez
  • Irene Ruiz-Garrido

Undegraduate/Visiting students:

  • Elena del Pilar Martín
  • Anabel Mera

Support staff:

  • Luis Leiva
  • María Elena Rodríguez
  • Alfonso Mora