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María Crespo awarded in the Archimedes Competition

Our lab mate María Crespo has been awarded the second prize in the Archimedes Competition. She will receive a prize of € 2,000.

María Crespo

The competition, organized by the Spanish Ministry of Education, favours the incorporation of young students into the research field by awarding them for their original Master projects of scientific or technological research. On this occasion, more than 350 students throughout Spain participated, of which only 25 went to the final.

Under the supervision of Guadalupe Sabio and Magdalena Leiva, Crespo has studied the circadian rhythm of neutrophil infiltration in the liver and the possible role that these cells play in the regulation of hepatic activity. Through the use of neutropenic mice, she has analyzed the contribution of neutrophils in the progress of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

María Crespo among other finalists of the Archimedes Competition.

Entrevista en La Corrala (M21 radio)

Interview with Guadalupe Sabio in M21 radio program La Corrala about the apparent glass ceiling women hit in many professions.


      Entrevista a Guadalupe Sabio en La Corrala de M21 radio – Guadalupe Sabio

La cifra de investigadoras españolas no supera el 39%

Desde pequeña Guadalupe Sabio, ahora investigadora del CNIC, decidió convertir el laboratorio en su segundo hogar. Hoy dirige un grupo de investigación médica pero llegar a conciliar familia y trabajo no ha sido un camino fácil. “La mujer necesita ayuda porque ha tenido niños, necesita que se cambien las políticas para que pueda llegar a los puestos más altos”, asegura.

[read more in La Sexta TV]

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